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Is Your Weight Really Healthy? The Healthy Weight Check List

1-      Check your body composition:

When trying to lose weight, we often rely on the scale at home and then maybe a simple BMI calculation to check whether we have some extra weight or not. While BMI could be a general screening tool for obesity, it is nowadays surpassed by more advanced technologies like the bioelectrical impedance analysis one (BIA). BIA has allowed health professionals to identify the composition of your body: the amount of muscle mass, fat mass, water mass, visceral fat mass and many more indicators which make up your body, and learning how much of each one your body should have is key to correct meal planning and ultimate healthy weight loss.

For example, a person who has a high muscle mass, might appear overweight if only their weight is measured, and following a wrong meal plan based on that measurement, might lead to muscle mass loss.


2-      Check your waistline:

Even if your total weight is healthy, how your weight is distributed can actually have an effect on your health. Waist circumference is a good measure of fat around your middle. This type of fat builds up around your organs, and is linked to high blood fat levels, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Check your waistline, and aim to keep it at 80 cm or below (for females) and at 94 cm or below (for males).


3-      Check your blood markers:

Many people are not conscious of the food they eat, but still manage to maintain a good shape without being overweight. However, in many cases, these people appear to have dyslipidemia (elevated blood lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides), pre-diabetes, or even slight kidney dysfunction without even realizing that. That is why, even if you have a “healthy” weight, it is important to check with your doctor about when and which blood tests you should be doing according to your age, family history, and medical history.


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