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Chinese Medicine

Our Approach

Family Medicine Meets Alternative Care 

Healthcare House, formerly Haddad Healthcare, aims to integrate primary care services with complimentary healthcare practices. This expanded approach to healthcare is essential for true healing of the patient in mind, body and spirit. Healthcare House is a for-profit organization that offers OHIP-covered and private healthcare services in the same location. Accessibility is important to us and we offer services at affordable prices and on a sliding scale as needed.


Services include general primary care, individual psychotherapy, chiropractic care, nutritional counselling, fitness counselling, health classes, stress management technique, daily meditations online, art healing night, and much more. We are always in search of ways to better serve our patients and provide tailored care for their individual needs. If you have any requests, please contact us for details.

Why Our Approach?

We integrate healing:

Primary Care

Prevention is key, but when illness happens, we can investigate, refer to specialists, and prescribe pharmaceutical treatments.


Diet and lifestyle choices play a major part in how we heal. We are happy to provide you with nutritionist services.


Individual therapy allows you to acknowledge negative patterns of thinking. Empowered by this awareness, we guide you in creating a new script for your life.

Yoga & Meditation

For millennia, various cultures have used meditation and yoga as methods of healing the mind and spirit. We re-introduce the emotional and spiritual healing to the physical benefits of these practices.

Art & Music

Our intentions shape our experiences. We host social art and music events to heal.

Chiropractic care

Spinal health and movement therapies are fundamental for a strong physical body that can manage life's challenges. A healthy body lets us enjoy every moment.

Personal Fitness

In Creation...

Stress Management

In Creation... 


September/October 2023

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