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Want better health? Eat more plant protein, and less processed foods.

When we say better health, it doesn't only mean a disease free body. Better health means better aging, better skin glow, more muscle mass, less fat mass, stronger immune system, better gut health and many more scopes. One of the easiest ways to start working towards improving your wellbeing, is by including more plant proteins into your diet, and reducing your consumption of processed foods. Plant based proteins come with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Examples of some really nutritious ones:

-Spirulina (8g per 2 tbsp)

-Lentils -Chickpeas -Green peas -Kidney beans (7g per half cooked cup)

-Tofu (10g per half cup)

-Edamame (17g per 1 cooked cup)

-Tempeh (15g per half cup)

-Nuts (2.8g per 10 mixed nuts)

-Plant based protein powder (24g per 1 scoop)


A high consumption of processed foods often leads to nutrition related diseases and nutrition deficiencies, as most process foods are in no way nutritionally complete; instead, they are what we call "empty calorie food", providing you with only calories, zero nutrition. You should focus on including more unprocessed foods like wholegrains, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and minimally processed dairy products.

 Let's make these two steps a priority this spring!

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