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New Year: Let’s Get Back on Track!

Sadly, the holiday season is over.

Most people feel discouraged to start something new or continue with what they were doing before the holidays. And that is totally normal. With the cold weather coming in and being away again from our families and friends, it is okay to feel down. Let’s acknowledge our negative feelings, allow ourselves to feel them, and then to overcome them. Let’s plan our new year.

When it comes to your health or reaching a healthy weight, let’s set fresh new ACHIEVABLE goals. Your “resolutions” must be first and foremost achievable. If they are too far from your capabilities, you are most likely going to give up on them. One way to make them doable, is to break down your big goals into smaller ones. For example, instead of setting your goal to “I want to lose 10 lb”, make it “I will lose 1 lb per week”.

If you achieve this small milestone, you will feel great. And because it is a small goal, you will most likely achieve it! Sounds doable, no?

Another important step is to set a deadline for your goals. Without a deadline, you will most likely lose track of your progress, and keep pushing your starting point further into the future. Again, set a logical deadline: don’t make it too soon that you feel stressed about not meeting your goals on time, and don’t make it too far that you feel bored just by thinking of how long it is going to take you to reach it.

Remember whatever goals you set, or if you don’t set any, I’m here to help you set and

accomplish your ultimate health goals.

I wish you all a blessed and happy new year, where all of your goals are attained!

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