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Walk-in Consultation

This service is available to any patients covered under OHIP. We do not accept non-insured or RAMQ.

    Service Description

    Walk-in to Healthcare House for a consultation and get personalized care in a comfortable setting. Our health care professionals will take the time to listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and provide you with the best advice and treatments tailored to your needs. With our walk-in consultations, you can get the help you need without the hassle. Guidelines for the Relief Clinics Who is it for? - Any OHIP patient - Not for uninsured, private-pay, or RAMQ patients What is it for? - Prescription renewals - Testing for sexually transmitted infections - Urinary tract infections - Blood pressure checks - Aches and pains - Requesting routine blood work What is it not for? It is not for: - Pregnancy follow-ups - Emergencies - Cuts that need stiches - General check-ups/physicals What are the rules? - Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. - Please tolerate 15-20 minutes of delay. - We will not be prescribing any narcotics, opioids, or benzodiazepines. - We will not be completing any disability forms or insurance forms. When will the appointment be available? - Booking is available at under Relief Clinics - Upcoming dates: September 16th, October 21st, November 18th We offer short-term follow-up, but do not offer long-term primary care. Unfortunately, Dr. El-Haddad is not accepting new patients into her regular family medicine practice.

    Contact Details

    • 2126 Montréal Road, Gloucester, ON, Canada


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