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Body Composition Test

with Nivine El-Alami

  • 60 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Why is a body composition test important in weight loss? Obesity is responsible for nearly 10% of deaths in Canada. It is luckily a preventable disease, but unfortunately not an easy one to treat at all. For some people losing weight can be so simple and straightforward, while for others it can be a long journey of mental, physical and emotional challenges. As a certified nutritionist, my role is to help you reach your weight goal, the one that matches your health, age, gender and other factors. To do that, I start with a thorough assessment of your body and food habits. To assess you physically, it is not enough to check your weight with an ordinary weight scale, because it will not tell you how much fat, muscle and water mass you have. One could be overweight, but that extra weight is mostly muscle mass, and one can have a healthy weight, but most of that weight is fat mass. Knowing which is what, helps me set your weight and health goals better, in addition to being able to create the correct meal plan for you. When testing your body composition, we will know which parts of your body are lacking muscles, which is a helpful guide for exercising. It also tests how much visceral fats you have on your internal organs, which is highly correlated with nutrition related diseases. The test estimates your metabolic rate and body age. The first tends to slow down as we age and the other one increases as we gain fat and lose muscle mass as part of our ageing. Bottom line: Body composition testing is the basis of my weight loss and exercise recommendations.

Contact Details

  • 2126 Montréal Road, Gloucester, ON, Canada


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