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The Team

Who We Are


Dr. Julie El-Haddad

Founder & Family Doctor

As a general practitioner, Dr. El-Haddad has strived to improved healthcare in Canada by providing care that is intuitive and accessible. She brings together providers from different fields into one centre and promotes different methods of healing which includes physical fitness, yoga, and alternative care. 


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Nivine El Alami

Certified Nutritionist

Nivine enjoys helping people improve their food and lifestyle habits to achieve their optimum weight, health and wellness. She has over 14 years of experience in weight and nutrition related disease management for adults and children. Nivine uses scientific based diet and nutrition approaches in treating her clients.  Read more...


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Dr. Nardine Bekhit


Ever since she could remember, Dr. Nardine Bekhit knew she was going to pursue a career in healthcare. Drawn by chiropractors' depth of understanding of the human body, attentiveness to patients' needs and goals, along with her passion for promoting natural health solutions and active living, she found a perfect fit with chiropractic. She believes her primary job as a doctor is to teach and empower...



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Vishwa Thummar

Upcoming physiotherapist

Vishwa is a dedicated and compassionate wellness professional who is committed to helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals.


As a personal trainer, she has a deep understanding of the body and its movement patterns. She uses this knowledge to design personalized exercise programs that are tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to lose weight or are looking to improve your overall fitness, she will guide you with awareness.

As a wellness consultant, she will teach you how to make meaningful changes and how to create a sustainable lifestyle that supports your health and happiness.


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Giovanni Marroquin

Co-Owner & General Manager

As the general manager of the clinic, Giovanni is dedicated to creating a seamless experience for all patients. In addition to his administrative and management roles, he is passionate about the intersection of health, wellness and, nature. He hopes to introduce healing in nature as an integral part of Healthcare House. 


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